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A. Jiménez, F. Boto, I. Irigoien, B. Sierra, A. Suarez
Stability analysis of radial turning process for superalloys
DOI 10.1515/mspe-2017-0023
Abstract: Stability detection in machining processes is an essential component for the design of efficient machining processes. Automatic methods are able to determine when instability is happening and prevent possible machine failures. In this work a variety of methods are proposed for detecting stability anomalies based on the measured forces in the radial turning process of superalloys. Two different methods are proposed to determine instabilities. Each one is tested on real data obtained in the machining of Waspalloy, Haynes 282 and Inconel 718. Experimental data, in both Conventional and High Pressure Coolant (HPC) environments, are set in four different states depending on materials grain size and Hardness (LGA, LGS, SGA and SGS). Results reveal that PCA method is useful for visualization of the process and detection of anomalies in online processes.
Keywords: stability detection, radial turning, PCA
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