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1. Papers must be submited via the form availble on the journal's website (submision form).

2. A statement about the originality of scientific publications and a single transfer of copyright should be provided with the article (a form is available here).

3. Admissible formats of text files: .rtf, .doc, .docx.

4. To be allowed for review and publication, each article should have (see more):

  • a title in the Polish and English language,
  • affiliations and contact data of the authors (postal address or e-mail)
  • an abstract (min. 100 words) in the Polish or English language,
  • captions under drawings and tables in the Polish and English language and the source, if applicable,
  • publication size ranging from 15 000 to 20 000 characters,
  • elements of raster graphics in the content and in separate files of min. 200dpi resolution,
  • clearly defined elements – a title, abstracts, chapters (maximum 2 levels) etc.,
  • references in the text in square brackets.

5. References at the end of an article should be given in the alphabetical order according to the following pattern (see more):

  • [1] J.E. Bourne. “Synthetic structure of industrial plastics”, in Plastics, 2nd ed., vol. 3. J. Peters, Ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1964, pp.15-67.
  • [2] W.K. Chen. Linear Networks and Systems. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1993, pp. 123-35.
  • [3] D.B. Payne and H.G. Gunhold. “Digital sundials and broadband technology”, inProc. IOOC-ECOC, 1986, pp. 557-998.
  • [4] G. Pevere. “Infrared Nation”. The International Journal of Infrared Design, vol. 33, pp. 56-99, Jan. 1979.

It is an author’s duty to find out whether specific bibliographical entries have their DOI numbers. In order to find out about DOI numbers visit the website below:http://www.crossref.org/guestquery/

6. Articles may be written in the Polish, Russian or English language.

7. Papers submitted in Polish, after a positive review must be translated into English or Russian.

8. The submitted articles are subject to a preliminary technical and content-related assessment made ​​by the editors.

9. After positive editors opinion the article is pass on to two independent reviewers who are experts in the topic covered by the article.

10. The procedure for reviewing the articles is consistent with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

11. The authors who submit articles to publications agree to the review process.

12. To each article editorial number is assigned, which identifies it in the later stages of the publishing process.

13. The article is not sent to the reviewer of the author’s unit and one of the reviewers is employed in a country other than the author of the article (a form is available here).

14. All reviews are anonymous - the author does not know the names of the reviewers and the reviewers do not know name of the author (so-called "double-blind review").

15. The condition for the publication of the article is to get positive reviews and to respond to any comments from reviewers, if applicable, (a form is available here).

16. After receiving positive reviews, author/authors will be informed about the date of publication.

17. The list of reviewers of the year is published in the fourth issue of the magazine and on the website.

18. The fee for printing the article is 99€/119$. Please transfer the specified sum to the following account:

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